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    Three Best Stretches for Whiplash after a Car Accident

    Car accidents can be dangerous, scary, and leave us with a lot of pain. If you are not part of the lucky small percentage that gets away with no aches, pains, or scratches, it is wise to seek some help for your injuries and have a plan. We recommend making an appointment with your primary doctor and chiropractor following an accident to properly assess any injuries and make sure you take the appropriate steps.

    There is a lot of information regarding at home care for your injuries, we recommend doing these three easy stretches daily at home in between your appointments with your doctor or chiropractor. Of course if you are noticing an increase in pain, or the stretches don’t feel good, please discontinue these stretches.

    1. Neck rotations 
    -Perform seated or lying on your back
    -Rotate your neck to the side until a comfortable stretch is felt
    -Hold 15-30 seconds, use gentle fingertip pressure on your jaw if you want a slightly deeper stretch
    -Repeat on the other side

    Side Hand
    2. Side neck stretch
    -Perform seated
    -Lean your head to your side (ear moves toward your shoulder) until a stretch is felt
    -Hold 15-30 seconds, use gentle fingertip pressure on the side of your head if you want a deeper stretch
    Repeat on the other side

    3. Scalene stretch
    -This stretch is great to loosen up tight muscles in the front of our neck after accidents.
    -Perform seated
    -Place hands over collar-bone at the base of your neck, pull down slightly
    -Look up and bring your neck back and to the side until a gentle stretch is felt
    -Hold 15-30 seconds
    -Repeat on the other side.

    We hope these stretches can help give you some relief, remember always consult a doctor after an accident for recommendations. Our office and San Pedro Chiropractor have experience helping thousands of patients recover from auto accidents. Please give us a call if you would like to come in for a visit. If you were in an accident that was not your fault, it is highly likely the other drivers insurance will fully cover any medical treatment you may need.

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