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Disc pain can have a lot of causes that includes a bulging disc, herniated disc, slipped disc, or a pinched nerve. Years back, the most common treatment for disc pain was surgery, but more and more evidence have shown that it can be treated through Chiropractic.

Ever since there was an increased number of patients who needed to get even more surgery as a result of a previous one, medical experts conducted thorough research on the matter, and they found that one of most recommended ways today to fix disc pain is through chiropractic methods.

Though the process may take as long as 12 weeks, chiropractic is often able to provide better results than surgery, and without any drugs. Here at San Pedro Chiropractic And Posture, we help you get lasting disc pain relief.

Disc Injury Therapy and Treatment

Disc pain therapy involves manual and soft tissue mobilizations to give you pain relief. We maneuver your limbs to improve nerve sliding and provide you with a core exercise program to strengthen your spinal structure.

Our experience with treating disc pain has allowed us to achieve successful rehabilitation in most of our patients. We’re always glad to see you finally walk out of our clinics happy and eager to go back to your daily functions.

Pinched Nerve Treatment

Trying to keep up with your day job can be stressful, especially when you tend to spend extended hours in the office. Little did you know, one of the things that too much stress does to you is creating a tension at the base of your skull.

This tension can also lead to pressure on the membranes that cover your central nervous system. San Pedro Chiropractic And Posture has the trained workforce to help you deal with a pinched nerve. We help you release the tension and relieve you from pain.

Find out more about pinched nerves and how we treat them.

Herniated Disc Therapy

In total, there are 23 discs in your spine – 5 in your lower back, 12 in the middle, and 6 in the neck. Your spinal discs can be compared to tires, in a sense that they are tough and flexible, although they’re not hollow.

It’s the discs job to act as a cushion for the spine, and for the flexible movement of your back. And, just like any part of our body, the discs can harden and dry up as you age. Because of the aging, the discs tend to flatten and become more prone to injuries.

The discs have a gelatinous interior like a jelly donut. When this gelatinous substance or the “jelly” is pushed out, it then becomes a herniation. This, of course, can be fixed through physical therapy or chiropractic therapy.

We will give you gentle exercises that will help improve your range of motion and decrease pain. Additionally, you’ll have to do regular stretching exercises to improve your joint and muscle mobility to reduce spasms and joint locks.

Aside from exercises, you will undergo manual joint mobilization and posture re-education with us, to minimize stiffness and to avoid. We also recommend core strengthening exercises to promote a healthy back and avoid injuries from happening again.

Bulging Disc Therapy

It is uncommon for bulging discs to be excruciatingly painful, in fact, 30-60% of those who have them don’t feel any pain even after MRI scan findings. Although, it’s still important to get it fixed or treated before it gets worse.

A bulging disc is one of the most common spine injuries for spinal discs. It may occur in all areas of your spine, be it your lower back, upper and mid-back, or your neck. It’s typically caused by sudden pressure through the disc, which causes the fibers to tear.

Other causes include the following:

  • Accumulated Microtrauma – one of the main causes of microtrauma in the discs is poor posture when sitting or standing. Having a slouched spine will eventually lead to overstretching and will weaken the cartilages of the discs, so avoid this by always maintaining a good posture.
  • Sudden Load – this may happen during vehicle accidents and other situations wherein your spine experiences an unexpected load. It can result in tearing of the disc fibers, which is why you must always practice good posture when lifting things.
  • Genetics – bulging discs can be genetic. Although, it is a minor contributing factor when it comes to disc injuries.

Slipped Disc Therapy

Slipped discs happen when the outer portion of a disc weakens and lets its soft parts leak through. It often promotes compressing and even irritating your spinal nerves. Slipped discs more commonly happen to those of mature age, because of disc dehydration.

If you’re lucky, you’d be part of the people with slipped discs that don’t feel pain or any discomfort. Some don’t even feel or realize that they have it. Which is why treatment is only imperative if there is an ongoing pain that may interfere with your daily life.

Some of the causes of slipped discs include accumulated trauma from improper movements, sports, lifting, and even too much sitting. It can also be because of sudden injuries or trauma, but it’s more commonly experienced by aged people.

Here at San Pedro Chiropractic And Posture, we help you stay active and complete a specific and low-impact exercise program. The exercises will be for muscle strengthening, and to prevent joint stiffening. We will guide and instruct you on how to properly perform each exercise.

Degenerative Disc

Most common areas that suffer degenerative disc is your neck and lower back. It’s because these areas go through the most motion, which means they are also prone to wear and tear. Degenerative discs can be a continuous pain that may flare up and cause crippling pain.

These flare-ups could be because of abnormal stress that your spine endures, or they may happen for no apparent reason. Some pain episodes can last up to several weeks before it slowly goes back to low-level pain.

Thinning Disc

Thinning discs are more commonly caused by aging. Your spinal discs will lose hydration in time, and their gelatinous centers will eventually grow thin. Thinning discs happen when your discs weaken and become brittle.

If you have thinning disc, you might suffer from pain, tingling, numbness, and even weakness. These discomforts may lead to your inability to do normal routine and decrease your quality of life. It is the reason why we provide one of the most effective treatments available.

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