Effective Back Pain Relief at San Pedro Chiropractic And Posture

One of the worst types of pains that we can suffer from is back pain. In fact, it’s now among the most common ailments everyone endures, in part due to our contemporary way of life, which requires a lot of awkward postures – from sitting all day at the office or lying in bed at night looking at the phone.

But if this paralyzing pain affects your daily routine, you should know that there are ways in which you can feel relief the pain without taking medications every day.

Back pain relief can be achieved in a few simple steps when you’re making use of the therapy and information available through the chiropractors in San Pedro.

Back Injury Therapy and Treatment

Chronic back pain can disrupt your day-to-day routine and it could even take away fun time with your friends and family. Our team can help you find out the cause of your pain and provide three steps toward constant back relief based on natural healing methods.

With our Back Injury Therapy and Treatment, you’ll know why your back continues to ache and what you can do to break that pattern of pain and experience real pain relief. We base our pain relief therapy and treatment on the natural structure of your spine. Through this method, we help you totally get rid of back pain.

There is no one-pill-cures-all way to treat back pain. Your back is a complex structure of muscles, bones, and nerves, which is why proper diagnosis is essential to zero in on the real cause of your pain. Here are the most common areas and conditions we treat here at San Pedro Chiropractic And Posture clinic.

Lower Back Pain Therapy

We have treated countless lower back pain cases from various patients. In that time, we have found that it can come from multiple sources, like the following:

  • Damaged, misaligned, or irritated spinal joints
  • Small lumbar nerves and nerve roots can get irritated
  • Muscles adjacent to the spine can have spasms or are tightened and irritated
  • A part of the lower spine may be degenerative

Additionally, we also diagnose based on your symptoms, and on the onset and duration of your back pain. Below are some of the types of back pain. If you experience any of them, visit our clinic today.

  • Acute Back Pain – usually comes suddenly and may last for days, even weeks. This is the common response of your body to tissue damage or injury.
  • Subacute Back Pain – pain may last up to 8 weeks. This pain is usually from muscle or joint strain. If you experience this, you need to immediately consult our doctors. You may also be advised to limit physical activities.
  • Chronic Back Pain – this type of back pain lasts for over 3 months, can be mild or severe,  and requires thorough examination to find out the exact source of the pain.

Regardless of the cause and the amount of pain you experience, we will conduct a thorough examination so that we’ll have more detailed findings of your pain. Once we’ve found the cause, we can incorporate an exercise program you can do in the office or at home together with visits to our clinic.

To set your expectations, lower back pain therapy may take some time for your muscles to strengthen and relax. Furthermore, because you may have a “sitting” lifestyle, your back muscles and core have a lower tendency to strengthen, which is why it’s important for you to stay diligent to your home program.

It is also important to know that one of the best ways to fight lower back pain is to strengthen your core and incorporate posture exercises.

Upper Back Pain Treatment

The top causes of upper back pain are poor posture and are more prevalent among those who do desk work. Although less common compared to the lower back pain, years or decades of poor posture often eventually leads to upper back pain.

If you’re an office worker, more than 8+ hours per day hunched over your keyboards gets you stuck with very little movement. The result? A stiff upper back with a hunched appearance. This deformation of your spine slowly over-works your upper back muscles, making it feel tight and sore, thus, upper back pain.

Although, in some cases, upper back pain may be fixed by taking care of yourself, adjusting your posture, rest, or applying heat. If the pain is still stubborn, you should see your chiropractor.

Our Upper Back Pain Treatment helps fix your spine alignment, posture, and movement. Fixing your upper back issues can also benefit the rest of your body, especially your shoulders, reducing potential shoulder and neck pain.

Disc Pain Treatment

The discs are the tissues positioned between the bones of your spine. Pain in that area is caused by pinched nerves, bulging disc/s, slipped disc/s, or herniated disc/s. A common treatment for disc pain is through surgery, but patients have been demanding less invasive options, and there has been more than sufficient evidence that it can be fixed and reduced through chiropractic methods.

Our Chiropractic gives you the remedy for disc pain. To set expectations, the treatment process may last between 6 to 12 weeks, but it’s definitely preferred to having surgery. We ease your pain by performing manual alignments and soft tissue mobilization.

Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica is a syndrome that can happen when there is a weakness or injury in your spine. This usually comes in the form of disc herniation. Sciatica treatments vary depending on what is causing you pain, which is why the thorough examination is required before we do any procedures.

Our goal is to find where the dysfunction comes from and loosen the area so that the sciatic nerve and other nerve bundles around it can move freely. By achieving this goal, you will likely notice significant relief of your sciatica pain.

Furthermore, the treatment doesn’t end there. We will provide you with a home exercise routine to prevent further development of other types of back pain, or recurrence of sciatica, we want long-lasting relief for our patients.

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