• Car Accident Checklist

    Car Accident Checklist

    ⬜ Be safe and stay at the scene. If your car is in a dangerous spot, move it to a safer place, as close to the accident scene as possible ⬜ Call 911 for help. If you or anyone is injured call 911 immediately. If you are unable to call, tell someone there is an

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  • 3 Common Neck Injuries… What To Do!

    3 Common Neck Injuries… What To Do!

    The neck, we all have one, but it’s actually more important than just acting as a bridge between our shoulders and our head. The neck houses what are called “cervical vertebrae”, which are lock blocks stacked throughout our back on top of one another, their main purpose is to support the rest of our body,

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  • Is Your Child at Risk

    Is Your Child at Risk

    :IS YOUR CHILD AT RISK Most kids today prefer to use backpacks to carry their stuff to school. These bags allow the kids to carry weight on two shoulders instead of just one, and they also leave the hands free for other stuff like smartphones. Also, most kids just consider them cool, especially compared to

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