Trigger points are irritable spots located within tight bands of muscle fibers (also known as “knots”). While trigger points can cause pain in their location, they can also cause referred pain in other parts of the body, such as headaches. At Opus Medical Center in San Pedro, our doctors are not only able to diagnose this common condition, but can also provide trigger point therapy to relieve your discomfort.

Our main treatment is manual pressure with vibration and massage.

Sarapin is a natural solution extracted from Sarraceniaceae, a pitcher plant, and used as an alternative to steroids or cortisone injections for the treatment of chronic pain. This alternative offers patients effective relief from pain, swelling and inflammation conditions, while eliminating the side effects often caused by other types of injection.

Its effectiveness arises from its ability to initiate the body’s own natural healing process. It is commonly used to treat many painful injuries including, but not limited to Sciatic & Radiating pain, Occipital headaches and even Fibromyalgia. Based on medical necessity, patients have responded within  3-8 weeks

Don’t let trigger points continue to cause you unnecessary discomfort.