Proper management of scoliosis is important, whether you are a child or an adult. At San Pedro Chiropractic and Posture, we are committed to providing superior scoliosis management and treatment to our patients. We will explain each treatment option so you are able to make an informed decision regarding your healthcare.

When managing your scoliosis, we have two goals in mind: preventing your condition from getting worse, and correcting the curvature of the spine. This can be done in several different ways, with bracing being the most common. Our practice offers SpineCor bracing, which is an innovative brace that allows patients to continue their normal activities. We can also observe your spine to ensure that the curvature does not become worse, and provide physical rehabilitation to strengthen your back.

Failure to properly manage scoliosis can result in a number of problems, such as spinal instability, problems standing or sitting, cardiopulmonary conditions, nerve damage and pain. Therefore, working with a medical professional is recommended.

Beginning a scoliosis management plan early can improve your recovery time and help you avoid serious problems.

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