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    7 Things to Look For When Purchasing a Backpack

    7 Things to Look For When Purchasing a Backpack

    7 Things to Look For When Purchasing a Backpack

    Does it look cool? This is probably the foremost question on the mind of any kid con- templating the purchase of a backpack. After all, they have to bring the backpack to school, and they’ll be seen by other kids. Backpacks aren’t just convenient items, but are prominent fashion accessories. Boys would rather not have pink backpacks with unicorns and flowers, while most girls don’t really show an affinity camouflage backpacks adorned with bloody skulls.

    But for moms and dads, these things are hardly the most important factors to consider. If you are looking to buy a backpack for your kid, here are the things you should lookout for.

    1. The right size. The bottom of the backpack should align properly with the curve of the lower back. It should go past 4 inches below the child’s waistline. The an- chor points of the shoulder straps should be an inch or two below the top of the shoulders. Adjusting the shoulder and chest strap keeps the backpack to ride at its correct position.
    2. A “non-faddish” color or design. Kids grow up very quickly, and you may have to buy new backpacks every year. But a trendy design may become passé within a year, and then your kid will have to suffer for it. The best compromise is to buy them a nice classic color or design. You can then just have your kid decorate rate it with buttons or removable stickers.
    3. Invest in above average Quality Loose threads and amateurish stitching. This is a very clear sign of poor make, and can indicate that the backpack won’t last all that long. Exposed fabric edges. These edges can weaken and fray the fabric. They may also get stuck on the zippers.
    4. Zippers with no fabric flap cover. The zippers which do not have fabric flaps cov- ering them tend to let water in the backpack.
    5. Proper shoulder & waist straps. They should be wide so that the weight is not concentrated on a small area of the shoulders. It should be padded for extra comfort, and it souls also be contoured so that it fits better on the shoulders. Check and see that the straps are of high quality and that they are stitched to the backpack securely. Abdominal strap. When worn, it helps prevent the “swing-ing weight” effect. It helps distribute the weight evenly on the back, hips, and waist.

    6. Keep it safe: Reflectors or reflective fabrics. This is extra safety feature that should be considered for younger kids, especially for those who walk to and from school.

    7. Special features. Some backpacks have special pockets which may be suitable for items that are regularly carried. Some backpack users have special features:

    1. Pocket for bottle of water.
    2. Special pockets for laptops, tablets, mp3 players, and smartphones.
    3. Another nice feature is a cardboard bottom so that book edges do not tear the backpack at the bottom.
    4. Added Support will be use of a soft, incognito and adjustable posture sup- port that your child can wear under clothing.
    5. Posture Support will allow any backpack to become an ERGONOMIC back- pack without breaking the bank.


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